Effective Altruism

Effective altruism: a philosophy and social movement that applies scientific evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world.

Unfortunately, there are numerous causes of suffering and injustice in the world (“problems”). Fortunately, there are thousands of charity organisations that exist to help mitigate these problems and reduce the suffering the problems create. However, not all of these problems cause an equal amount of suffering. In fact, there are some problems that cause many hundreds or thousands of times more suffering than others.

Because we only have limited resources to give, such as time and money, it makes logical sense to initially focus our efforts on the causes which are proven to have the biggest positive impact. As such, effective altruism tends to focus on very large global issues which cause, or are likely to cause, the most amount of suffering. Once you’ve identified the biggest problems, then it’s possible to evaluate which of the organisations who are working on these problems are the most effective. Once you’ve identified those, you can be more confident that you’ll be creating the biggest impact with any donation you choose to give to them.

Raising For Effective Giving (REG)

I’m a co-founder of the fundraising organisation “Raising for Effective Giving”, also known as “REG”. The core idea behind REG is that the money won in poker can do so much more than just benefiting ourselves. By donating a portion of our winnings to highly effective charities, it helps the people and issues that are in most desperate need. All donations through REG are assigned to specific charities that are chosen via the methodology of effective altruism as explained above. You can find out more about the charities, and why we chose them, from the link below.

The idea for REG came about when Igor Kurganov and Philipp Gruissem and I became involved in discussions with a team of effective altruists from GBS Schweiz about charitable giving. We then came to the conclusion that this idea could be an extremely effective way of raising money for charity via the poker community. Our goal is now to spread this message of earning to give into other industries, and if you are interested to read more, contribute your ideas and/or donate to the causes yourself, check out the link below:

Other Effective Altruism Organisations

REG works closely with a number of other effective altruist organisations. We use their recommendations, research and advice to help evaluate which charities and organisations are likely to achieve the biggest positive impact. Please follow the links below to find out more about their work.



Man-made climate change is set to be one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced and I am working to raise understanding and awareness of it. 350.org is one of the most effective charities dedicated to this issue. Their goal is to create a global movement via grassroots organisation in 188 countries to hold political leaders accountable to the realities of science to ensure a sustainable future.

The number 350 means climate stability: to preserve a liveable planet, scientists are telling us we must rapidly reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its 2015 level of 400 parts per million to back below 350 ppm. To put that in perspective, the Earth’s current atmospheric CO2 is 40% higher than it was just before the Industrial Revolution (280ppm). Before the 20th century the highest level of atmospheric CO2 in the last 800,000 years was 300ppm. The latest measurement from January 2015 is 30% higher than that highest point. For further information on these statistics, take a look at NASA’s advisory site: http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/

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