Liv Boeree
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I’m Liv: born in the UK, female, brown hair. I’m best known for being a poker player. I won a European Poker Tour in 2010, which was pretty great. I’m a big fan of these things: metal (the music), mountaineering, environmentalism, rationality,, power ballads. 

I have a degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester which is rather handy sometimes. I also do some TV presenting – my most recent show is “The Mind Control Freaks” airing on Discovery Channel right now. You should watch it.

1st August 2014: Help raise money for the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy by bidding on my drawing of a rhino and her calf! I was recently asked to donate a piece for their celebrity auction. If you like it, please bid here to help save these wonderful animals. Thank you!

rhino drawing

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    Playing Sundays on @PokerStars , gl everyone playing!
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    RT @ClimateReality: Global CO2 emissions today are the highest in human history. RT if this is unacceptable.
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    @barnyboatman ooh I like it, thanks Barny!
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